Spreading the Love Sip By Sip

While February 14th to others often gets painted red and dominated by fancy dinners and roses, to others there is the pressure of finding the “perfect” couple gift. We at Melvins Tea are interested to know, how do you celebrate love the Kenyan way?

This Valentine’s Day, are you ditching the cliches and brewing up a community celebration? tell us, how will you celebrate your Valentine’s Day?

  • Is it sharing stories under the endless sky, laughter echoing across the hills?
  • Is it swapping your chapati ndengu with your work bestie over some smiles?
  • Is it gifting your neighbour a fresh mug of chai, brewed with the warmth of shared smiles?
  • Is it the unspoken bond with your Boda-boda guy, always ready to whisk you home through bustling streets?
  • Is it about raising a steaming mug of Melvins Tea – maybe a fiery Hibiscus infusion for your sassy bestie, a sweet Berry Blast for your mischievous nephew or a comforting Cinnamon hug for your ever-patient grandma.


Tell us, how will you paint your community with love this Valentine’s Day? Because Melvins Tea believes love isn’t just for couples, it’s for every beating heart that connects to another. So, let’s brew a pot, gather our loved ones (all of them!) and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of love that makes Kenya truly shine. After all, Valentines should be an every day activity.


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