Founder's Story

The story begins

Flora Mutahi dedicated her life to the world of Tea when in the 1990s, she saw a tea market that was flat. She also wanted to change the narrative of people going on coffee dates by popularising tea dates through the provision of tea in a variety of forms, since tea is a beverage found in many African homes. She had big dreams. She wanted to bring flavoured tea to tea lovers in Kenya and beyond. She had to compete with existing brands.

Many said that hers was an impossible dream, but loyal tea drinkers around the world made her dream a reality. In 1995, she launched her own brand – Melvins Teas; the first flavoured teas in the Kenyan market. Melvins brought naturally flavoured, rich in taste and natural goodness, beginning with

Melvins Tangawizi (ginger) tea, Masala tea, Cinnamon tea, Vanilla teas, Melvins Berry Blast, Melvins Hibiscus, Melvins Chamomile, Melvins Green Tea and Mint, Melvins Green Tea and Lemon grass and Chai Afya.