Bestea’s Guide To Mindful Indulgence

The drone of office life resumes but my taste buds still linger in Grandma’s paradise. I am picturing fluffy chapati pyramids, endless mbuzi choma platters. Blissful? Yes, but back here, reality bites. Between spreadsheets and emails, I replay the mountains of food ignored in favor of “just one more piece” that never materialized. And the chicken carcasses at Grandma’s? A complete waste of food.

New Year, New Me feels… complicated. Sure, healthy eating and gym shoes beckon, but can they possibly compete with the memory of Grandma’s giggle as she caught me sneaking back for yet another chapati? Can my Rice & Minji ever replicate the smoky, juicy dad’s choma?

Here’s the thing: New Me doesn’t have to erase the joy of those festive feasts. It’s about mindful indulgence, enjoying each bite instead of mindlessly shoveling. It’s about appreciating Grandma’s culinary magic without guilt-tripping over leftovers. It’s about dusting off the gym shoes not to punish dusting off the gym shoes not to punish yesterday’s indulgences, but to fuel tomorrow’s adventures. 

This New Year, my “New Me” embraces moderation; not deprivation. It celebrates family feasts while choosing conscious, healthy habits on the daily. It’s about making room for a plate of mbuzi and a roll of chapati, as well as a brisk jog and a bowl of fruit salad. It’s about dancing with life’s flavors both in the kitchen and the gym, without getting lost in the rhythm.

So, raise a mug of Bestea –  a toast to a New Year where taste buds and treadmills can coexist. Because the New Me isn’t a clean slate, it’s a beautiful blend – an evolving story woven with the threads of yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s dreams. Let’s raise a mug to both, shall we?

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