A Mother’s Love is Golden: Embracing Self-Care This Mother’s Day

Melvins Mothers Day Banner

Hey Mamas, as we approach Mother’s Day, let’s shift our focus a bit from the charming, yet predictably chaotic celebrations. This year, why not make room on our plates for something that often gets pushed to the sidelines? Yes, I’m talking about self-care. Motherhood, with its pure golden moments of joy and love, is also […]

Nourishing the Soul: My Journey with Purple Tea Wellness

In the vast tapestry of tea varieties, there exists a hidden gem that has captured my heart and soul – Purple Tea. Amidst the myriad flavors and hues, Purple Tea stands out for its remarkable health benefits and unique flavor profile, beckoning me to explore its wellness-promoting properties. Derived from the rich soils and temperate […]

A Symphony of Flavor: My Purple Tea Odyssey

Close your eyes and envision a cup of tea, bathed in the radiant hues of a summer sunset, captivating your senses with its delicate aroma and exquisite taste. This, my friends, is the enchanting allure of Purple Tea – a beverage that transcends the ordinary and elevates your tea experience to celestial heights. Purple Tea […]

Journey to the Heart of Kenya: My Pure Kenyan Chai Adventure

With the rising sun casting its golden glow over Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes, I embarked on a journey to discover the essence of Pure Kenyan Chai. More than just a morning ritual, this beloved beverage is a cornerstone of Kenyan culture, steeped in tradition, warmth, and hospitality that echoes through the ages. As I immersed myself […]

Spreading the Love Sip By Sip

While February 14th to others often gets painted red and dominated by fancy dinners and roses, to others there is the pressure of finding the “perfect” couple gift. We at Melvins Tea are interested to know, how do you celebrate love the Kenyan way? This Valentine’s Day, are you ditching the cliches and brewing up […]

Bestea’s Guide To Mindful Indulgence

The drone of office life resumes but my taste buds still linger in Grandma’s paradise. I am picturing fluffy chapati pyramids, endless mbuzi choma platters. Blissful? Yes, but back here, reality bites. Between spreadsheets and emails, I replay the mountains of food ignored in favor of “just one more piece” that never materialized. And the […]

Fukuza Baridi

During my childhood, I defied Nairobi winter’s chill by venturing out in thin clothing, determined to prove I was impervious to the cold. Yet, my parents knew better. They gently reminded me of the importance of staying warm to avoid falling ill, but my stubbornness prevailed. As adulthood dawned, the wisdom of my parents’ advice […]