Why Kenyan Tea?

Welcome to the world of Kenyan tea, where tradition, quality, and sustainability come together to create an unparalleled tea experience. As a distributor, you have the opportunity to be part of a rich heritage that spans generations and continents.

Our Story

Our journey begins in the lush tea fields where our leaves are nurtured with care. We source our tea sustainably and responsibly, not just as a commitment to the environment but as a promise to the hardworking farmers who are the heartbeat of our industry.

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Get Melvins Tea Delivered Anywhere in The World

Export Quality Tea

Crafted from all-natural, locally sourced ingredients from Kenya’s rich tea gardens. Elevate your offerings with the exceptional taste and quality of our Kenyan teas, perfect for discerning customers around the globe.

Our Packaging

Choose Melvins Tea for sustainable packaging solutions, ensuring eco-friendly materials reflect our dedication to preserving Kenya’s natural beauty while delivering premium-quality products.

How You Pay

Facilitate smooth transactions with Melvins Tea’s integration with Pesapal, enabling seamless credit card payments and simplifying the purchasing process for you and your customers.

How We Ship

Rest assured that your export-ready teas will reach their destination promptly and securely with Melvins Tea’s trusted shipping partner, Aramex, maintaining the freshness and integrity of our Kenyan teas every step of the way.