Melvins Tea House

Melvins Moments Tea house is an extension of our brand, to promote our tea drinking culture. We localize tea drinking recipes to take advantage of our Kenyan teas and create delicious tasting teas. These include some teas that are uniquely Kenyan like Purple Orthodox Tea as well as factory fresh black and green teas.

Our tea shop is located at the up market in Lavington Mall. It is a great place for business meetings, social meetings and a great place just to catch your breath with tea alongside some accompaniments. Clients can also request take-away food and drinks.

The drinks range from hot tea such as Melvins special Pure Kenya black tea, Melvins flavored teas, Specialty teas such as our uniquely Kenyan Purple Orthodox Tea, T-shakes and T-smoothies and Iced tea or a tea mock-tail, all carefully prepared with our selection of teas. Our bitings include; our popular samosas, chicken pies, sandwiches, mouth-watering pastries, delicious tea cakes and cookies.

Our tea-centric tea house was recognized by The Tea Directorate of Kenya and The Marketing Society of Kenya and earned Melvin Marsh International Best Product Innovation for 2016.