Tea Punch for me, Please!

This Saturday afternoon has got me going crazy! I’m feeling super drenched that even a dip in H20 can’t cool me down. What now? Where do I find it? Where do I go?! Come to think of it, there are no local hangouts that can quench and satisfy my unending thirst for a tea punch. Don’t get me wrong, a good punch gets me litty especially when I’m with my besties on a sunny afternoon. So I decided to improvise and share my Melvins Hiby Punch Recipe with you.

The Hibiscus Tea Punch


1/2 liters of water (half hot and half room temperature)

4 Melvins hibiscus teabags

3 fresh lemon slices

2 sprigs of fresh mint


Place 4 Melvins hibiscus tea bags into a pitcher/jug

Pour the hot water into the pitcher/jug and let it sit for 5 minutes

After 5 minutes, add the cold water

Add in the sprigs of mint and the lemon slices. Give it a good stir

Let the tea sit for at least 2 hours before serving

Get groovy and punchy with your Melvins Hiby!