T - MOODS - (Calm & Relax)

  • “Tea takes me to a happy place. It’s ok, they know me there. ”
  • Grab a mug, take a deep breath…whether it is Melvins herbal teas like Melvins Chamomile, Melvins Berry Blast, Melvins Hibiscus teas that are infused with tantalizing and tasty fruits, you can always make Melvins your go to do cup.
  • Steep. Sip. Repeat.

T - MOODS - (Energize)

  • “Tea takes me to a happy place. It’s ok, they know me there.” Can’t think of a clever morning tweet?
  • Eyes glazing over as you read the work reports in front of you? Already nodding off at 3p.m.?
  • For a little “oomph” first thing in the morning or a boost in the middle of the day, tea’s the answer to your drooping eyelids.
  • Melvins Black Teas —like Tangawizi and Masala—have a boost of caffeine and mind-blowing aromas that will jolt you back to reality or you can refresh yourself with our Green and Mint teas. So, if you’re looking for a lift, re-energize with a mug of Melvins Teas.


1. Sleep:

It’s a Wednesday night. You just finished writing a 10-page paper on the African Revolution and you’re still wired from reading about it all night, but you have class in four hours. You want to get at least a few hours of sleep so you don’t crash in the middle of your accounting paper, but your brain is moving a hundred miles a minute.

Solution: Melvins Calming Chamomile tea

Reason: It’s relaxing and caffeine -free . The perfect beverage to lull you into a restful sleep.

2. Hangovers:

Feeling light headed early in the morning as a result of the previous night activities, and wishing there was a fix for your mild discomfort?

Solution:  Melvins Ginger Tea/ Melvins Green Tea

Reason: Ginger is known for soothing stomach aches and its interesting flavor will make you forget about the boozy taste in your mouth.

3. Cold & Flu:

Battling with the flu? The sniffles got you all grumpy and moody?

Solution:  Melvins Ginger Tea/Masala Tea

Reason: This power packed cup has lemon which serves as a great detox ,while also providing vitamin C. Ginger has great antioxidant properties that boost the immune system

4 .Metabolism:

You’re on a health kick .You started going to the gym a few weeks ago and you’re already starting to see and feel a difference .Congrats! You want something to drink that will help you burn some of that pesky fat and generally help you feel healthier , but you don’t want pre-workout because, let’s be honest , it tastes like feet.

Solution: Melvins Green Tea with lemon grass

Reason: Green tea is chock-full of antioxidants , which help fight the growth of various cancers . It has also been known to be fat burner and cholesterol reducer.

5. Energy

You have just given up coffee . You are in emotional and physical pain. You miss the silky smooth, bitter taste of your morning cup, but you promised yourself you’d start cutting back . You’re about to go to your 9 a.m. class , but you’re certain you’ll fall asleep as soon as the lights go out and the PowerPoint goes up.

Solution: Black tea

Reason: It has the highest caffeine content of all the teas in existence , but it still has half the caffeine in a standard cup of coffee . It’ll wake you up , but you’ll still be cutting back on your caffeine intake, honoring your agreement with yourself . Tea solves everything . You just need to know when and which form to drink it. Enjoy it in any flavor ginger / cinnamon / vanilla or cardamon.