How to make a proper brew

How do you turn a Melvins teabag or loose tea leaves into a crackling cup of tea? With a dash of love, a spoonful of magic…and these top tips.


When to Drink

You can enjoy a cup of tea at any time of the day. Some love to start their day with tea, others look for an afternoon pick-me-up, and still, others like to wind down a busy day with a wonderful mug of warm tea. You can enjoy a cup of tea at different times of day and here are some exciting Melvins Tea options to sip at any moment of the day.


For your mood

One of the greatest benefits of tea is that the Camellia Sinesis bush has something in it called L-Theanine (sometimes call theanine), which can simulate the mind and relax the body. Different varieties of Melvins Teas also contain herbs that provide essential oils, which are fantastic for the body and soul.