Chai Afya

Chai Afya is a blend of the finest Kenyan teas. It has a good full bodied taste. It has added Vitamin B.

Why Chai Afya?

Research has shown that most adults do not get the required amount of Vitamin B.

This leaves you tired, with a weakened immune system and poor digestion.

The Government of Kenya has been running a campaign to improve nutrition. They have put food fortification on the top of their list.

Melvins has come up with Chai Afya with Vitamin B.

What are the benefits if Vitamin B?

Improves the immune system and helps fight cancer
Boosts energy levels
Aids digestion
Nourishes the skin

How is it prepared?

  • Use freshly boiled water
  • Add one tea spoon of Chai Afya per cup
  • Allow it to brew for 3-5minutes to bring out the refreshing taste of Chai Afya
  • Add sugar and milk to taste

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