In Celebration of Mother’s Day

The first day of school was by far one of the most terrifying part of my childhood. Mum taking me to school and leaving me alone with strangers. Horrible! In my wisdom, I decided to run away.  Typical of a kid, I got lost….I cried and cried for what seemed like the whole day until she found me.  I got a beating, yes, but I cannot express the joy of seeing my Mum that day…


And so on this Mother’s day, I would like to dedicate this piece to…

  • All those mothers whose heart aches to watch her son or daughter disappear down the street, walking to school alone for the very first time just like my young self-did.
  • All the mothers who have kept awake all night with their sick toddlers in their arms and constantly kept uttering those compassionate words, “It’s going to be alright my baby, Mommy’s here.”
  • All those who show up at their work places with milk stains on their dress and diapers in their handbags.
  • All those mothers who cannot restrain tears from trickling down their cheeks when they hold their babies for the first time in their arms.
  • All the mothers who kept saying NO to ice cream before dinner.
  • All the mothers who went above and beyond just to watch her child perform and say to themselves “That’s my baby!!”
  • All the mothers who taught their children how to tie their shoelaces.
  • All the mothers who incontinently turn their heads when they hear the word Mom even though they know that their kids are nowhere around.
  • All the mothers who silently shed tears for their children who have gone astray.

And not forgetting all the young and aged mothers, working mothers and housewives, married mothers and the single mothers.

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day treat Mum to something a little more luxurious this Mother’s Day with our Gift Hampers!!!