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Our Heritage ( 4 )
About Us - Melvin Marsh International is a limited ...more
From Bud to Cup - From the tea farms the tea is taken to a...more
Life on a Tea farm - Tea is well known all over the world and...more
Our Story - Our first tea in the market was Melvinâ...more

Our Products ( 3 )
Flavoured Teas - ...more
Herbal Teas -


Pure Kenya -


Kenyan Tea ( 3 )
About Kenyan Tea - In Kenya, tea cultivation started in 191...more
Origins of Tea - Tea has the distinction of being the mos...more
Why Kenyan Tea - Few places in the world are as ideally s...more

Tea & Health ( 2 )
Healthy Tea - • Tea contains no artificial colou...more
Tea Recipes -

Lemon iced tea